A 2013 American Library Association Rainbow Award Winner

Literary-minded readers will enjoy teasing out the allusions to Homer . . . but knowledge of the classics is not a requirement to be swept up in the tatterdemalion beauty of the story’s lavish, looping language.” ~ Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Magic is no stranger to Block’s world, nor is her signature poetic sensibility. And love, in its many varieties and forms, is celebrated, as always.” ~ Booklist

“The juxtapositions, too, are pulled off flawlessly: the disgusting, deathly, anxious, and devastating are, improbably—through Pen’s astute eyes—also beautiful, lively, serene, and hopeful. Block achieves these and other heroic literary feats in this sophisticated melding of post-apocalyptic setting, re-imagined classic, and her signature magical realism.” ~ The Horn Book

“The dreamlike quality of the writing, typical of the author’s works, functions well with the fantastical elements of the story. . . . This is an excellent title for students who have read Homer’s Odyssey as well as readers who enjoy a mix of fantasy and reality.” ~ School Library Journal

"Bypass the usual vampires and werewolves of teen fiction for what lurks between the covers of Francesca Lia Block’s brutal, beautifully written, Love in the Time of Global Warming. Those fanged and furry creatures are but a sugar rush compared with Block’s genetically engineered giants as she treats us to a dystopian tale tricked out in her signature lush prose."~ The Washington Post

"There is wonder in our world, and once in a while—like when I’m reading Francesca Lia Block’s books—I feel that I can touch it. Is there a better reason to read?"~ Lauren Kate, bestselling author of Teardrop and the Fallen series

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