Fairies in the Kitchen

"Always hip without ever losing her bracing naivete, way cool without a cynical bone in her body, [Weetzie] careens across a shimmering '80s Wonderland of futuristic diners and retro-martini lounges and exotic hot dog stands that's half Hell-A and half Shangri-L.A., where love is the most dangerous angel in a city full of them." ~ Salon.com — Review of Weetzie Bat, one of five great contemporary novels about Los Angeles.

Reading about fictional food can be agonizing—especially when it sounds mouthwateringly good and you have no idea how to make it. Weetzie Bat fans, worry no more! Now you can experience the rejuvenating fun of eating well with your favorite punk pixie and her colorful friends and family.

Carmen Staton brings award-winning Francesca Lia Block’s creative cuisine to life with the Fairies in the Kitchen cookbook. This collaborative collection of recipes reveals how a splash of creativity and a sprinkling of love—mixed with quality, wholesome ingredients—can create food that restores as well as nourishes.

Drawing from the first five books of the Dangerous Angels series, Staton has worked her own magic in the kitchen to uncover the formulas for dishes such as Jah-Love Black Beans & Plantains, Coyote’s Cornmeal Cakes, and Dirk’s Chocolate Raspberry Kiwi Birthday Cake.

While this is certainly a must-have for anyone who loves the Weetzie Bat books, it’s also simply a great cookbook filled with imaginative, healthy recipes for anyone looking to enliven their culinary repertoire.


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