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Here is Wanda again because I adore her.  Weetzie totes are available here.

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This is Emily, the singular creative force behind fete clothing, a line of simple, sexy, romantic pieces in my favorite luxe fabrics (think taffeta, tulle and satin) and colors (black, white, champagne and baby pink). fete is...

"for the girls with stars in their eyes

love in their hearts

& flowers in their hair"

Here is Emily again:

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I met her years ago when she came to a small soiree at my home. She looked like a doll with her long blond hair, short skirt, platform shoes, not to mention the fluffy, toy-like Pomeranian pup peeking out of her Chanel bag.  (My dog Elphi fell in love).  Not only is she beautiful, smart and gifted, but she is very generous. She shot my "What's In Weetzie's Bag" campaign  and another sercret project, and she let me use her gorgeous clothes for the Weetzie Bat Cookbook (coming soon). I am so lucky to know all these talented, lovely young women. Thank you, Emily. xoxo

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On a trip to Atlanta for the Decatur Book Festival, I was about to appear on a panel when a lovely woman came runnng up to me, radiating light and warmth.  She felt as if she knew me through my books, and I felt as if I knew her well just minutes after meeting her.  I've been helping Deva Joy edit her book about the nature of grief which she wrote based on years of work as a therapist and her own experiences .  Here I interview her about her struggles with and triumph over Rheumatoid Arthritis or "Arthur" as she calls it.

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My daughter listens to rap in the car. It's radio rap (not the classic rap I respect) and I don't like the way women are depicted in some of the songs.  But I understand.

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When I was a teenager I chopped off my hair, bleached it blonde, wore steel-toed engineer boots with 1950's prom dresses and went to punk shows at the Whisky A Go Go, Cathay de Grande, Devonshire Downs. Black Flag, DOA, Circle Jerks, Wasted Youth, The Stains. The flyers in this post are the originals from that time. I loved the raw, sexual energy, the sense of danger and the creative freedom of the punk movement.  And I liked that it wasn't my mother's music.  She wore her hair long and natural and listened to Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.

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Once I brought my mom to an acoustic show by X at the Whisky. She was intrigued. But I'd never let her come to the hard core shows where boys wearing swastikas slammed in the pit. And I joined them.

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In 2003 I published Guarding The Moon:  A Mother's First Year about my daughter, Jasmine Angelina.  Now she is a beautiful young woman.  Today, Peabody-award-winning genius journalist Ben Adair is going to come over to interview me for his First Time, Last Time podcast. Ben asked me  "When was the last time you felt beautiful?" This question brought up many feelings.  It also led to a discussion of mothers and daughters and body image. Here's a brief passage from Guarding The Moon:

"For years I had run for miles and miles and  almost starved myself until my periods stopped.  Then, after losing two babies, I prayed to be pregnant with a stomach round as the moon.  Now my arms are  twiggish and the skin on my belly hangs loose. Blue veins show throught the skin of my breasts, and spider veins mar my legs.  My hair is still shedding, my eyes tell how long I have waited for this child to come. And yet, cuddled with the most beautiful moon girl in the world, I do love my body now.   Look what it has survived.  Look who it has trought to us. --Guarding The Moon, Harper Collins Publishers, 2003

See another picture of Jasmine and the photo of me at twelve that Ben will be using here:

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Dangerous Angel Productions is my new imprint. Look for Fairies In The Kitchen, a Weetzie cookbook by Carmen Staton, Rough Magick, an anthology edited by Jessa Marie Mendez and My Best Friend Hildegard, a novel about the 12th century mystic Hildegard von Bingen and her gay best friend escaping slaughter, cavorting with demons in other realms and seeking Love's Mysteries at Whole Foods, by Adam Greenberg. All books are coming soon!

Dangerous Angel Productions:  Read.  Study.  Write.  Edit.  Design.  Publish.  Merchandise.  Film.  Party.  Love (always).  Repeat.

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Have you ever wondered, what's in Weetzie's bag? Roses, check; pink sunglasses, check; strawberry flavored lip gloss, heart-shaped compact, Hello Kitty watch, pearls, rubber chicken earrings, check, check, check, check, check. And don't forget the genie lamp. And of course, Slinkster Dog!

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On the fire escape at the Culver Hotel.  Order your bags here

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I had the great pleasure of participating on a panel at Story Expo for The UCLA Extension Writers' Program. I'll be teaching Novel I for them starting the end of the month. Linda Venis (who has been a wonderful mentor to me) put the panel together, Mark Sarvas facilitated and Melanie Thorne and Tony Dushane also participated. Mark, Melanie and Tony are brilliant, funny and engaging. We talked about tackling your first novel and Mark made sure to keep the focus on tips for writers rather than on our individual work, which I think was refreshing and helpful for the audience of screenwriters interested in writing their first fiction. Below are a few quotes that the lovely Phoebe Lim tweeted during the panel. I think they are helpful writing tips. (And yes, I wear white skinny jeans A LOT).

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Love grew slowly You thought it started that moment he was driving you to the airport and pressed down on your hand the whole way, so hard that it hurt

When you discovered you both had picked out the same names for a boy and a girl

When you wore pearls and a veil and danced in a canyon


But it really began when he comforted you after the first miscarriage

And cried with you over the second


While the Native American flutes played all night in the delivery room above the city

Love was slowly growing while you were lying in the hospital bed and woke to see her huge blue eyes staring at you through the glass and you called him at 2AM just to marvel

While you held her in your arms night and day for a year and pretty much forgot about anyone else

Until the night he came home from work drenched with rain, falling into your arms


When the second baby was born, making your forget everyone else in the world for another year


Love was growing, secretly, silently, even as you screamed at each other

And there was blood on his hands from the glass

When you said you might leave

And he said, “I’d be sick with grief”

When you left, even then


When he came over near tears and you told him to get to a meeting

While you sat together at your injured child’s hospital bedside

When you had the third surgery in so many years

And he made you juices and smoothies and stayed and talked without running away


Love grows

Not with the flowers he bought you

Or even the kisses or even the laughter

Love grows as you realize you’ve known him for near-twenty years

As you realize he’ll always be somewhat unknowable

So different from you

Yet somehow strangely, exactly the same

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This is Lara with the custom Beyond The Pale Motel purse.

About a year ago, Lara emailed me and asked if I needed an intern. She has been coming over every week to help me.  I can't live without her.

Lara was a salesperson at Hustler and has been promoted to the corporate offices.

When I start my big, giant company I hope I can steal her away from Larry Flint!

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Here she is being super cute in the Goat Guys T.

rsz 2fullsizerender

And here is the Weetzie tote she helped me design.

If you would like to be featured on this blog please contact me at




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