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Comicaze Expo

On Friday, October 30th at 5 pm, I’ll be appearing at Comikaze Expo on a panel about fairy tales, one of my favorite subjects. If you’re at Comikaze, please stop by. 

Rough Magick Anthology Reading

It’s not an accident that Jessa Marie Mendez and I are publishing Rough Magick, an e-book anthology about the darker aspects of love and sex, in late October/early November. The book is definitely a Scorpio! Please join Denise Hamilton, Amanda Yates Garcia, Mary Pauline Lowry, Laura Lee Bahr, Tracy DeBrincat, Sarah Herrington, Logan Brendt, Manuel Chavarria and me on November 13th at 7 pm for a very special group reading from Rough Magick (dangerous angel press) at Stories, Echo Park. Adam Greenberg will also be there, reading from My Best Friend, Hildegard (dangerous angel press).  

1716 West Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90026-3225 CONTACT (213) 413-3733

You can order Rough Magick online in about a week.

2016 workshops

Acclaimed Los Angeles mystery writer, Denise Hamilton, and I will be holding a one day writing workshop on January 9th from 1-4 in Culver City. If you haven’t worked with Denise before, this is your chance! She’s a phenomenal and inspiring instructor and a story structure whisperer.

My popular online workshop, “How to structure your novel in 12 easy steps” will start January 11 for 10 weeks. The cost is $500 and we will cover character development, plot, setting and style in a comprehensive class that can help you through the first or final draft of your novel.

I will also be teaching an in person class, Sundays starting January 17th 1-4 for 10 weeks. The cost is also $500 and we will be reading ten of your pages a week and critiquing them as a group.

Contact me at for more information or to sign up.

Have a magickal Halloween.

Much Love,

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This is singer/songwriter Katy Rose, photographed by Anoushka Beckwith

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This is Katy Rose with me at the Muse Workshop I did this weekend with Amanda Yates Garcia.

She is warmly radiant, beautiful and so incredibly talented.  Katy writes stunning poetic lyrics and can craft the perfect pop song as well as more edgy pieces in the style of her muses (and two of my personal faves) Patti Smith and PJ Harvey. How do we as creative women support ourselves financially and stay true to our souls?  Watch Katy's burgeoning career to find out!

Listen to new songs here.

Here's her official bio:

Katy Rose is a Los Angeles native born to two musician parents. Growing up in a house full of artistry, Katy experience life in a recording studio from her very own backyard. As a child, she would regularly spend time in said studio and hang out with the numerous artists such as Alanis Morrisette, Weird Al Yankovic, the Goo Goo Dolls, Tori Amos and many more.

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This Saturday, The Oracle of Los Angeles, Amanda Yates Garcia, and I had a workshop to call in the Muse. The enchanting women that attended filled my living room with wisdom, beauty, talent and spirit.

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Ashley Inguanta by Lauren Laveria

FLB: What inspired your story for Rough Magick

AI: I wrote "Paradise" shortly after I visited Joshua Tree for the first time. I was born in New York and left for Florida with my family when I was turning 16, and the landscape of the East coast fascinated me. In New York, the ocean was dark, and I found music in that. But in Florida, I was drawn to the powder-blue ocean, the way it covered the earth like a long, flat jewel. I started to pay more attention to the earth, its details, its gifts. I wrote paradise at 23. After understanding Florida's landscape for quite some time--the way it moves you through air and water--I arrived in Joshua Tree and its surrounding places. In the Mojave Desert, the earth is thick and the air is dry. In Florida, if you dig far enough, you will hit water. The Mojave has a different story--its layers are all earth, rocks that have been shaped and moved over time. When I wrote "Paradise," I wanted to make the Mojave human somehow, to pull the humanness out of its landscape.

FLB: Romantic love and the loss of it are dominant themes in your work and you write about them with great power. What does this theme mean to you? 

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Kiyomi is one of my most loyal readers and I've had the opportunity to hang out with her a few times, both in Brooklyn at a Bookcourt appearance I made, and at one of my Los Angeles workshops. This beautiful woman (in fact, her name aptly means "Pure Beauty) is also an amazing singer/songwriter with a stunning voice. Check out her video below and her website here..


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FLB: What was your inspiration for the story in Rough Magick?

SH: There was a period of time I was teaching youth in NYC and I found myself escorting a group of teen and tween girls on a field trip via school bus in the Bronx.  Their conversations inspired me.  Then, I was inspired by a word:  Venus.  I thought of planets orbiting and the plant that eats, the trap.  I wanted to explore the beautiful and dangerous parts of young love.   

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This is Elizabeth Le Fey of Globelamp.

“Elizabeth Le Fey’s cosmic consciousness roams between the psychedelic whimsy of Syd Barett and a menagerie of ethereal, somber folk music inspired by Karen Dalton, Vashti Bunyan, and Conor Oberst. It’s an enchanted tone that comes to life on eight-track recordings about childhood and death; a story she tells through a folkie psychedelic murk colored by the forests of California and Washington, her endless curiosity about everything from spiders to tarot cards, and a broken heart. As Globelamp, she’s a golden-haired songstress, known for her short stint as the white witch of Foxygen, and the burbling of her cosmic brew of dourness, floral imagery, and the painful story of losing her best friend. It’s as if she grew up reading German fairy tales and J.K. Rowling and listening to equal parts Grace Slick and Stevie Nicks. As a result, her music wraps around you like a 19th century burial dress covered in sunflowers. Songs like “Breathing Ritual” evoke a space-age Americana quality, with down-tuned guitars and the gothic allure of a teenage Kate Bush and the murmuring of a traveling artist caravan. Her debut LP ‘Star Dust,’ released in June, includes “Constant is the Calling,” a mystical folk song that includes a melody that evokes classic American musicals and nursery rhymes. Her new single “Washington Moon,” co-produced by Joel Jerome, tells the story of her California roots sprouting in Olympia, Washington, where her experience as an intern at K Records in 2010 evoked her warrior-like, punk spirit. “Washington Moon” sounds like a journey through a moonlit night, dipped in nostalgia and a restless homesick quality of a traveler. Le Fey is also a scrappy survivor, a story she tells in songs like ’“Daddy’s Gone” and “Casino Song.” She’s also a spirit looking to connect with her native land–lost between the solemnity of nature and a bustling big city. Globelamp is her attempt to remain honest, in a dishonest land.“ -Art Tavana

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Samantha Dunn is a passionate, witty, brilliant big-hearted writer, teacher, woman and friend.  After she interviewed me at WEHO Reads Banned Books last weekend, we were looking for a coffee place and Siri wasn't cooperating so Sam growled at her.  And then apologized.  I said, "That is so you.  Even worrying about Siri!"  Here's what she tweeted to the world today: "There is only one way to have a big life. Love and serve others." Yep. What a woman!

samantha dunn

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Dear Ones, we invite you to our inaugural event, the first of many workshops held by L.A.'s favorite punk poet of magical realism, Francesca Lia Block, and Amanda Yates Garcia, the Oracle of Los Angeles.

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We had a lovely launch party for our first Dangerous Angel title, My Best Friend Hildegard, by Adam Greenberg.  Johnny and Hildegard meet at Catholic boarding school and quickly become best friends. But then, under threat of treachery, they must escape. Join the intrepid pair as they quest for elixirs, get lost in mysterious castles, perform exorcisms, enjoy love affairs with celestial and demonic beings and wander aimlessly through the aisles of Whole Foods, all the while trying to make sense of what it means to be a teenager in 12th century Germany.

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Advance copies of the book were sold. You got a piece of rose quartz with each copy! Extraordinary vegan food, prepared by Adam and his mom, Jill, was served.

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