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I think we are all looking forward to a fresh new year full of peace, health, love and happiness. Below you will find some upcoming events, publications, classes and giveaways.


Come join Amanda Yates Garcia (the Oracle of Los Angeles), Mary Pauline Lowry (Wildfire), Laura Lee Bahr (Haunt), Tracy DeBrincat (Hollywood Buckaroo), Logan Brendt, Manuel Chavarria, Daniel Weizmann and me for a reading from our Rough Magick Anthology, haunting--sometimes erotic, sometimes funny, sometimes weird--stories about the darker side of love and sex, at Book Soup on March 10 at 7 pm.

I will also be at AWP, on April 2, 12-1:15, doing a panel on "Writing in Los Angeles," and at YAll West on April 3. More info to come next month.


As I announced last month, the Weetzie Bat cookbook, Fairies in the Kitchen, by Carmen Staton, and published by dangerous angel press, is here and selling like hotcakes (or should I say Coyote's Cornmeal Cakes!)


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This year I explored many new creative ventures with the help of my Witch Baby Warriors and Weetzie Faeries.

Dangerous Angel Press

We launched Dangerous Angel Press and published three titles:

The Weetzie Bat Cookbook, Fairies in the Kitchen, by Carmen Staton with Flb. Full color photos by Nicolas Sage photography

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Rough Magick Anthology, dark stories  of love and sex, by Jessa Marie Mendez and Flb  (ed.) with cover art by Danishka Esterhazy and Logan Brendt

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My Best Friend Hildegard by Adam Greenberg


Bestides my usual gigs at UCLA Extension and Antioch University, I taught private workshops in person and online, including a muse workshop with Amanda Yates Garcia.  2016 workshops start 1/11(online) and 1/17 in-person in Culver City.  Look for a special Fairy Workshop in Februrary with Amanda and me!

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After the success of the Dangerous Angels and Goat Guys T-shirts, we created "What's in Weetzie's Bag?" Tote with art by Emmakisstina.

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Public Appearances

Some highlights were the Victims and Vice panel at LATFOB (it's always been my dream to be called a rock star), the 1888 Eichler Session in Orange, Weho Arts with Samantha Dunn and the Rough Magick reading at Stories. I also appeared at Stan Lee's Comicaze, Binders Full of YA Writers and Indies First at Book Soup.

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I went to San Francisco to see Danishka Esterhazy shoot The Singing Bones based on my short story from The Rose And The Beast. It will be out in 2016!

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As I've said before: Do It Yourself, but don't do it alone!

Love and Art,







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"When I got started, you didn’t necessarily need an agent and could even send unsolicited manuscripts directly to publishers. My first book sort of flew into the hands of my editor on gossamer wings. Now there are many gatekeepers, and it seems like some of them have been taking steroids. But the independent publishing movement is growing stronger as a result, and Orange County is a hotbed of activity for writers and artists who are doing their own thing and forging their own possibilities outside of the conventional wisdom. This entrepreneurial spirit seems to be a tradition here, a cultural value that creates the character of this particular point of geography."

Samantha Dunn gave me the honor of doing a piece for Coast Magazine. It's about life as a Southern California writer. Read it here.

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Where else can you look out at loquat trees and bougainvillea when you write?

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Gala Darling asked me to contribute a ritual to her 2016 Self Love Coven Almanac. Here is my morning ritual:

I wake and reach for my rose quartz prayer beads. I say this prayer:

Illustrious Tara, please be aware of me
Remove my obstacles and quickly grant
My excellent aspirations 

I am ready, willing and able now
To experience change,challenge, growth and opportunity
With grace, courage, faith and ease
Knowing I am loved, supported and connected
To the eternal, sacred and devine

I dedicate this practice to all sentient beings
May we be happy, healthy and light in body and spirit
May we be safe and free from injury
May we be free from anger, affliction, fear and anxiety
May we learn how to look at ourselves and others with the eyes of understanding and love
May we be able to live fresh, solid and free
May we be free from attachment and aversion but not be indifferent

Then I count the prayer beads saying “Om tara hamsa” until I reach the beginning again.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous 2016.



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Young Master Doodles arrived on this planet with the certain knowledge
that we are all infinite beings made of light, that we cannot be diminished and
that this was what he was meant to impart.  His mother was always offering
him her milk as if this would somehow ward off all terrors; he thought it sweet
and a bit amusing and he drank as much as could and grew larger though he had
no control of the odd baby body he had been given.  The head formed a point in
back at first and finally smoothed out; it was so big and heavy-looking lolling there
and the hands which were blue and wrinkled with long sharp nails when they
emerged from her, and changed into pudgy pinks with a dimple above each finger,
danced around like drunken butterflies trying to catch the bright toys they'd been
offered.  The body curled nicely, draped against his mother's warmth, as if it
were still attached, on the outside now, some kind of fancy coat collar, but the feet
flexed with tension as if remembering how cramped they had been, jutting against
her small diaphragm.  

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You can order this collection of recipes from the Weetzie Bat books here (Createspace).  Or here (Amazon)Cover proof white

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Rough Magick, edited by Jessa Marie Mendez and me, is now a real book! You can get it here.

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 The anthology features haunting stories and poetry about the darker side of love and sex by Laura Lee Bahr, C.N. Blakemore, Logan Brendt, Manuel Chavarria, Tracy DeBrincat, Jilly Dreadful, Amanda Yates Garcia, Denise Hamilton, Sarah Herrington, Ashley Inguanta, K.T. Ismael, Kira Lees, Mary Pauline Lowry, Jessa Marie Mendez, Justina Aura Nemoy, Francesca Padilla, Genevieve Salazar, Alise Wascom, Tegan Elizabeth Webb, Daniel Weizmann and myself.   Pablo Capra helped us turn our e-book into print. Daniel Weizmann introduced us. Pablo knew my work because two girls once spotted him on a beach and called him a "Duck," then introduced him to my work. It turns out that one of those girls is also one of my recent students! When I visited Pablo at his lovely Santa Monica beach apartment to pick up the proof of the book I was reminded how magical my life really is.

Here's a review. And here's an essay from Alise Wascom about being in this anthology.

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There's more to becoming a writer than what you put on the page. Here are some tips I've discovered over the years. I think they can apply to all artists, really.

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I worry that the story I wrote was too negative but it was all I could write at the time. I know you need something to uplift you. I know you sometimes look to me to give you comfort and I am honored that you do. We are all afraid of guns and terrorists and global warming and cancer. We need comfort. We need magic. We need love.

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I have been going to Govinda's restaurant next to the Hare Krishna Temple for over thirty years! Fifteen years ago I nursed my newborn daughter in the booths while my mom and I had lunch.  The vegetarian buffet is only $8 for all you can eat. I always make a salad with lettuce, beets, carrots, olives, sunflower seed and sunflower dressing and take a bowl of rice and dal.  Upstairs is a boutique filled with printed and sequin-sparkled silk tunics and gifts like the glass lotus above and the deities below.  I think they make lovely gifts.

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